In three steps to your thermography inspection

1. Fill out the contact form to submit your request to us.

2. Have your carbon bike completely dismantled by a bike dealer and send us the frame and/or fork. Please note that we cannot check bikes on which the handlebars and crankset are still mounted and must send them back.

3. We will check your bike and send you the inspection report, including the assessment, to your email address.

contact form

Note: We do not bill insurance companies.

If the billing address does not match the shipping address, we kindly ask you to write it down as well.

If you bring the frame and/or fork yourself, please enter the billing address anyway.

What's next?

As soon as you have filled out the contact form, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your exam request. You can then dismantle your bike and send it to us. Please use a stable box and also pay attention to the stability of your bike inside the box.

As soon as your bike has arrived with us, we will inform you again and check it as soon as possible. The usual processing time is 7 days plus shipping. If necessary, the bike can also be processed faster on request.

After we have evaluated the thermographic test, we will repackage the bike securely and send it back to you. We send the packages via DHL (Price DHL).

We look forward to your bike!

The Carbon Bike Check Team


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