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Carbon Bike Check has been providing optical and infrared-optical measurement services in the field of non-destructive material testing since 1999. Carbon Bike Check is certified according to EN4179, i.e. for tests in the field of aerospace technology according to Level III, and accordingly trains the test staff at Airbus in Bremen.

In addition to the industrial sector, non-destructive testing is also increasingly in demand in the private sector. This is essentially sports equipment in lightweight construction, with modern materials but also increasingly vintage and other passenger cars.

In the following you can get a comprehensive overall impression of our activities in the field of carbon testing. If you have any questions about the technology or test problems, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact options provided.

Test procedure

Active thermography has been used successfully for around 15 years in the aerospace sector for non-destructive and imaging testing of anisotropic lightweight structures and metallic engine parts. The principle of the test method is based on the measurement of an artificially generated heat flow into the component, which is disturbed in the area of ​​defects and shows thermal reactions on the sample surface.

With this excitation, ultrasound is introduced into the frame to create high-frequency vibrations. In the area of ​​damage, e.g. due to a crack or an adjacent delamination, heat is generated due to the damping in this area, which is detected with the high-resolution camera. Errors that cannot be found with impulse excitation can be detected with this method and vice versa. An error interpretation is very well possible by combining both methods.

Example of an inspection

If a frame becomes very thin in places and the transition between thick and thin is erratic, there is a risk of the frame breaking. The risk also depends on how heavy the rider is and how much the bike is being used.

A frame can be damaged on one side due to a fall. This damage is not visually noticeable. However, the fiber structure may have been damaged by the accident, so that the layers can lift off (delamination). The damage can increase over time and depending on the load and eventually lead to breakage.

A fork was bought on Ebay and clearly shows hidden (and hidden) accidental damage. A delamination was detected at the marked point, which can eventually lead to breakage.
The problem with carbon is that potential damage is invisible to the eye.

We inspect at the following prices

(Please note that the shipping costs are charged separately and may vary depending on the box size. See Price DHL.)

Frame check 200€ incl. VAT

Gabelprüfung 100€ inkl.

Frame and fork check 275€ incl. VAT

Detailprüfung 75€ inkl.

Repair service

When carbon fibers are overloaded, they break without first deforming. The damage is not always immediately apparent, but once it begins, it continues until the material fails. That doesn't have to be the case, because it's entirely possible to restore a defective frame. Although the repair process is complicated, a repaired bike may be even stronger than originally designed.

If we have found repairable damage when checking your frame or fork, we will be happy to forward you to our partner at Carbon Bike Service.

In order to get a better overview of the repair, you are welcome to find out for yourself what exactly happens to your frame during the repair.  

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