An inspection should be carried out if a bicycle is bought used or if there is general uncertainty as to the condition of the bicycle, e.g. due to external use.

For many users, it happens that a bicycle falls over and, due to an unfortunate circumstance, falls onto a curb, for example. This incident can lead to damage to the material. The same applies, of course, to an accident involving contact with others.

Uncertainties also arise again and again with add-on parts that have been mounted with too much force.

Material damage can also occur if the clamping force is too high. Material damage can also occur as a result of very extreme off-road use or excessive stress due to a high body weight.

As a rule, the individual tests last only a few minutes. The analysis or interpretation of the measurement results is more complex. No matter which examination method is chosen, you have to do without the bike for between 3 and 10 days. If several examinations are carried out by the individual specialists, then of course the transport time is added.

A test report is created for each measurement with the results of the measurement in image and written form. Errors and inhomogeneities are described in detail and a recommendation is made. Basically, a risk profile is created, since using a carbon frame always involves a certain risk.

A damage prediction in relation to a possible breaking of the material cannot be made. However, it can be stated whether damage has occurred as a result of an accident or not. Any damage increases the risk of material failure. If there is damage, the mechanical stiffness can be measured. These measured values ​​should be within a certain tolerance range, otherwise the mechanical properties of the frame will deviate and be classified as faulty.

The bike should be delivered dismantled as much as possible. This means that the crankset and the handlebars must be completely removed. However, brake cables, the bottom bracket and the headset can remain in the frame. 

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